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Why We Shouldn’t be Afraid of a Pro-Life Discourse

I have been questioned of late as to my progressive credentials. Other than being an avid cocksucker, I am a feminist, an animal rights activist and an environmentalist. I’m just not militant or arrogant about it. But I feel this is an appropriate time for me to humbly impart some of my values and explain how I can reconcile the strength of my convictions and tolerance for those who possess opposing views.


I believe that we have not, as a society, come to a point where we can dispense with pro-life discourse. That is the regrettable truth. The very fact that pro-choice camp would call their opponents misogynists and the pro-life camp would call their opponents butchers is evidence of the fact.


The pity is that the arguments are so polarized there’s no way for the two groups to reconcile. That is why we need a pro-life discourse to complement a pro-choice discourse.


Allow me to illustrate:


If we take the hypothetical that women are given the right to determine their reproductive autonomy we are still left with questions that must necessarily be answered.


  • At which temporal point does one procedure constitute lawful abortion and another infanticide?
  • What responsibility or privilege does the male partner have to say in terms of the fate of the foetus?
  • Should there be any restrictions or requirements for persons seeking to have this procedure performed at public hospitals?


These are questions to which I humbly admit I do not have the answer. These are questions to which if you believe you alone hold the answer to, then you are a fool. In the end, we must as a society come together to some amicable settlement. We must balance a plurality of views. Before then no side will benefit.


For you, whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, to determine that no view bar yours should prevail, then you are guilty of tyranny. Before you deny another the right to express himself, ask yourself, what entitles me to judge my equal?


Whether the USU is the proper or even a legitimate forum for the constitution of a pro-life society or pro-life debate is a different matter altogether. Whether the members of the pro-life society will conduct themselves with integrity or otherwise bring their names to shame, we cannot at this point in time pass judgment on them. My concern is only that we as proponents of the pro-choice view, who are so often the ones that also allege discrimination, prejudice and oppression, might be guilty of the same.

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